If you would like to make a DONATION to WT Equestrian to help with the expenses and to support their commitment to providing equine-assisted therapy to underserved populations, including individuals who have gotten a DUI/DWI and individuals with PTSD, you can send them money via paypal to wtequestrian @ gmail.com or click here:


I am very grateful to WT Equestrian, the not-for-profit organization where we hold our sessions. As you can imagine, caring for the horses requires a lot of love, effort and expense.

win kneelingOff the Couch and Into the Corral!” Nothing compares to the gentle spiritual wisdom of horses to facilitate rapid self-transformation. The horse is the therapist and bears witness. We offer a variety of programs such as individual and group sessions, training for therapists, workshops such as “Horses Healing Healers” and retreats for groups & corporations.


Check our Schedule for upcoming workshops and retreats.

We have started a weekly Equine-Assisted Group Therapy for PTSD.

Email or call to schedule an individual or group session or a retreat.

Here is an article the Albuquerque Journal published about one of our Equine-Assisted Therapy programs for individuals who have gotten a  DUI/DWI.

The wonderful Ron Talley has made a series of videos about our approach to Equine-Assisted Therapy:

The Healing Influence of Horses Part 1

The Healing Influence of Horses Part 2

The Healing Influence of Horses Part 3

The Healing Influence of Horses Part 4

The Healing Influence of Horses Part 5