Our Philosophy

Person-centered care incactus 900 pixel sq partnership with clients who wish to overcome dysfunctional behaviors and thought patterns, including addictions and emotional problems.

Helping clients develop from disease and deficiency-based views of illness towards discovering their unique life-journey to healing and wholeness.

Bridge-building between the best, evidence-based biomedical practices and traditional, holistic practices.

Contributing to a holistic community of healing through respectful collaboration with a wide range of healers.


Our Services

Equine-Assisted Therapy
“Off the Couch and Into the Corral!” Nothing compares to the gentle spiritual wisdom of horses to facilitate rapid self-transformation. The horse is the therapist and bears witness. We offer a variety of programs such as individual and group sessions, training for therapists, workshops such as “Horses Healing Healers” and retreats for groups & corporations.

We are now offering a weekly Equine PTSD Group.

The human brain & consciousness evolved in a world full of plants which have developed complex signals and are powerful facilitators of personal transformation. The healing intelligences and souls of plants are honored in both the therapy and trainings we offer, with an emphasis on essential oils, hydrosols and flower essences.

Individual Consultations
Person-centered, transformational psychotherapy and psychiatry to facilitate Individuation and overcome dysfunctional patterns including addictions. This holistic approach incorporates aromatherapy, spiritual alchemy, Jungian approaches and above all deep respect for the client’s individual journey.

Carol Davison, our wise Medical Herbalist and Nutrition consultant from Belfast, Northern Ireland is available for individual consultations and also will be teaching classes.


Workshops & Seminars
Personal evolution requires the essential nourishment of ongoing learning. We offer workshops and seminars on a wide range of topics.