taos gorge bridge fall 2014-2

It feels the time has come to start a blog about my thoughts, musings and experiences in the realms of aromatherapy, equine assisted therapy, holistic psychiatry and spirituality. I’ve made it a core mission to act as a bridge builder between different modalities and systems of healing, because, as in the old story of the blind men and the elephant, the truth emerges in-between all of our perspectives. During my moments of larger perspective, it seems life is  like a tapestry, woven of encounters with people, ideas, conversations, although we might not be able to behold the pattern as it’s being woven.  This weaving offers continual opportunities to learn something new,  have our perspectives expanded and to see new connections between seemingly separate, even irreconcilable viewpoints. All that is a required is a willingness to explore and to leave some of our dearly held preconceived notions behind, even temporarily. All that is required is to take the first step onto any of the many bridges.


Feb 23 2015

An Interview with Connie Henry


March 4 2015

An article about my presentation at the Shared Decision-Making conference in London in Jan 2015.